Us youngins both turned thirty recently which was a big eye-opener. Thirty comes with a few more grey hairs and the addition of wrinkles…oh joy. But seriously, beyond the physical changes, the mental changes are far more impressive. We grew up! In our twenties we got married, finished school, turned from immature kids to adults, learned how to love someone more than ourselves, built our businesses, and agreed upon our future goals.

Going from twenties to thirties was like…BANG! Here we go! There’s no turning back. It’s time for adulting. And boy, has it been rewarding in this life we’ve built together.

We’d like to be able to say we lived each day like it was our last. However, when you have things like school and work, that’s not always the case. If it was our last day on earth, we most definitely wouldn’t be at work….we’d be on a beach with crystal blue water and pina coladas in hand. So when this milestone passed, we reassessed our life together and wrote some goals down.

Many of our goals are travel-related because traveling is what we absolutely love to do. In fact, our goal for 2017 was to launch our travel blog (hence the reason you are reading this at the moment).

Our baby “Destination Dorworth” was started thanks to us dreaming big, setting a goal, and taking the steps to make it happen.

Us holding hands at 22 years old at an art museum with no clue what we wanted in life except that we wanted each other!

We have many different goal lists going, as a happily married couple: a list for our budget, a list for what we want in our future house, a list of business-related goals, our travel bucket list, our packing list, and finally our personal goals list. It may sound silly, but when you share these goals with each other you go from walking down two separate roads to walking down one together- hand in hand.

Share your goals (like Emily) and then write them down. You’ll want to write them down because you’re getting old, and trust us, you won’t remember them all. Even at thirty, our memories are beginning to slip from us.

You’ll also want to write them down so you can have a visual reminder. For example, our list is hung from a corkboard in the living room (written out in pretty colors of course…this is Stephanie we’re talking about). Take your goals list out every once in awhile and it will serve as inspiration and a reminder of what you had hoped to accomplish. (See Related: Our Travel Bucket List)

Today we are sharing our personal goals. These are 40 things we hope to accomplish before we turn 40. Hopefully they inspire you to make your own list!

Together we will:

  1. Start a travel blog (waa-laa! poof, here it is!) *travel
  2. Pay off student loan debt
  3. Learn how to meditate
  4. Volunteer
  5. Be audience members on a talk show (ie Live with Kelly & Ryan) *travel
  6. Do a tequila flight tasting
  7. Learn how to make homemade pasta
  8. Read 10 books each
  9. Host our very first dinner party
  10. Buy our first house together
  11. Visit Magnolia Farms in Waco, Texas *travel
  12. Go to a country concert in Nashville, Tennessee *travel
  13. Go to a Packers game together
  14. Eat seafood paella in Spain *travel
  15. Taste a Guinness in Ireland *travel
  16. Visit the countries in Europe where our ancestors are from (See Related: How to Use Ancestry to Guide Your Travels) *travel
  17. Plant flowers that will live longer than a month
  18. Crack crab legs for dinner
  19. Go fruit picking
  20. Take a photography class
  21. Take the motorcycle on a weekend getaway *travel
  22. Attend a big music festival *travel
  23. Get a piano so we can both play again
  24. Go without electronics for a weekend getaway *travel
  25. Watch a tango dance performance *travel
  26. Get to be the cool Aunt and Uncle
  27. Spoil our parents with something nice
  28. Travel to 5 new cities in the USA *travel
  29. Go shooting together regularly
  30. Experiment and find the perfect chocolate chip cookies recipe

Steph will:

  1. Have a professional makeup lesson
  2. Do a daddy/daughter Grand Canyon rafting trip *travel
  3. Learn to speak Spanish better
  4. Kiss a giraffe *travel
  5. Take a self defense class

Zach will:

  1. Have a professional shotgun shooting lesson
  2. Get a 5-6 car garage
  3. Take a ride up in a glider plane
  4. Learn how to be better at investing
  5. Build a kit car

All you need is ten minutes to write out your goals list or bucket list.

Sit down right now with a pen in hand and start thinking. What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? Where do you want to be in life financially? What do you want to get better at? What do you want to be able to buy? Who do you want to spend time with? What do you want to do before you die? What would make you a better person?

​It could be 25 before 25, 30 before 30, 50 before 50! Whatever your heart desires.

Ponder those things and write them down as they come to you. That’s it. There’s no science to this. This is your list. So you can make it as general or as detailed as you want. As long as you have goals and a certain date or age you want to accomplish them by. We hope they help bring you more happiness, more adventure, and more love.

Life goals & travel go hand in hand. Without getting all-things-life in order, you wouldn’t have the opportunities to explore the world. Figure out your destination in life and then you’ll know the destinations you wish to explore. What’s your #1 goal?