How do you know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’re coming from?

In an attempt to become closer with our ancestors, we began a journey that involved hundreds of hours of research but ended up being beyond rewarding. We began tracking our family lineage and with each and every discovery we felt more connected.

From photos of great-great grandparents to marriage records of great-great-great grandparents, we have realized this: family is more than people, it is connection.

We finally feel connected on a deeper level and we plan to use these connections to guide our travels. Stephanie found out she is half German and half English. Zach is English, Dutch, Welsh, and German. So we are excited more than ever to journey to these DESTINATIONS of our ancestors.

Below are our 8 family trees (4 for Steph plus 4 for Zach). Most of our research was done using and with the help of family.

If you’d like this information in document form (including the appendices with historical documents/photos) please email us at [email protected] with the subject “Family Tree Inquiry”. To learn how to use ancestry to guide your travels, read our blog post here.

“The world begins and ends with family”

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Summary of the PURDY family

The Purdy family originated in Norfolk, England which is East England. Generation 5 immigrated to Rye, Connecticut in 1632 which is now considered Rye, New York. Most of the Purdy family lived in Rye, Pennsylvania, or Fairfield, Connecticut. They were some of the first settlers of Paupack, Purdytown, Pennsylvania where they farmed. They later moved to Ohio.

Families that married into the Purdy family: Gardner, Taylor, Bradish, Brundage, Lane, Brown, Carpenter, Coreen, Norman, Morgan, Davis, Sapp, Ludwina, Bollenbacher, Stetler, Dorworth.

Cities the Purdys lived in: Norfolk England, Yorkshire England, Norfolk England, Rye Connecticut, Fairfield Connecticut, Marlboro New York, Purdytown Pennsylvania, Coschocton Ohio, Mill Creek Ohio, Mercer Ohio, Van Wert Ohio.

The name “Purdy” came from the French term “pur die” meaning “for God”.

Generation No. 1

WILLIAM PURDY was born 1505 in NORFOLK, England and died 1550 in NORFOLK. He married ANN GARDNER. She was born 1510 in NORFOLK, England and died 1560 in NORFOLK.

Children of WILLIAM PURDY and ANN GARDNER are:


Generation No. 2

2. EDMOND PURDY was born 1530 in YORKSHIRE, England and died 1593 in SUFFOLK, England. He married MARGARET.

Children of EDMOND PURDY and MARGARET are:

i) JOHN PURDY, b. 1562, ENGLAND.

Generation No. 3

3. JOHN PURDY was born 1562 in England. He married ELIZABETH ALICE TAYLOR, daughter of ROBERT TAYLOR and MARY TYNDALE. She was born 1565 and died October 8, 1615 in NORFOLK, England.


i) FRANCIS PURDY, b. April 17, 1587, BRUNDALL, NORFOLK, England; d. October, 14 1658, FAIRFIELD, CONNECTICUT.

“A History of Westchester” Book mentions JOHN and FRANCIS. (Appendix #1: Book excerpt)

Generation No. 4

4. FRANCIS PURDY was born April 17, 1587 in BRUNDALL, England and died October 14, 1658. It is unknown who he married.

FRANCIS was baptised 1587 at Saint Laurence church. (Appendix #2: Photo of the church)

Children of FRANCIS PURDY are:

i) FRANCIS PURDY II, b. 1616, YORKSHIRE, England; d. October 14, 1658 in FAIRFIELD, Connecticut.

Generation No. 5

5. FRANCIS PURDY (Sir) was born 1616 in YORKSHIRE, England and died October 14, 1658 in FAIRFIELD, Connecticut. He married MARY ELIZABETH BRUNDAGE (possibly spelled BRUNDISH) in 1642, daughter of JOHN BRUNDAGE and RACHEL HUBBARD. She was born December 10, 1628 in IPSWEED, SUFFOLK, England, and died September 15, 1684 in RYE, New York. (Appendix #3: Marriage record)


i) THOMAS PURDY, b. 1645, FAIRFIELD, Connecticut; d. 1678, RYE*, New York; m. ELIZABETH BROWN

ii) JOHN PURDY, b. 1648, FAIRFIELD, Connecticut; d. 1723 in RYE, New York.

iii) FRANCIS PURDY (III), b. 1650, FAIRFIELD, Connecticut; d. 1723, RYE, New York; m. MARY LANE, 1675.

iv) RACHEL PURDY, b. 1650, FAIRFIELD, Connecticut; d. 1678 in RYE, New York.

v) SAMUEL PURDY, b. 1651, FAIRFIELD, Connecticut.

vi) JOSEPH PURDY, b. 1653, FAIRFIELD, Connecticut; d. October 26, 1710 (or Oct 9, 1709) in RYE, New York; m. ELIZABETH OGDEN around 1670-80. Her father JOHN OGEN was assistant governor of Connecticut. JOSEPH was a leading member of the community, being supervisor of the town in 1707-08, Justice of the Peace in 1702, and after, Representative of the County for many years in the Assembly and one of the chief promoters of the church. One of his sons Samuel was also a leading member of RYE where he was Justice of the Peace.

vii) MARY PURDY, b. 1657, FAIRFIELD, Connecticut; d. 1678, RYE, New York; m. DELIVERANCE BROWN

viii) DANIEL PURDY, b. 1658, FAIRFIELD, Connecticut; d. 1670, RYE, New York.

*RYE is in WestChester, New York now but it used to be RYE, Connecticut. The first settlement in the Town of Rye was made in 1660. Originally Rye was land between the Byram and Blind Brook Rivers. Land west of Blind Brook and east of Stonybrook called Budd’s Neck. Rye was included in limits of the Colony of Connecticut on May 30, 1663. On September 5, 1664, New Netherlands surrendered and became the Province of New York.

FRANCIS PURDY immigrated from England and arrived to Connecticut in 1632. He was 1st Regiment Connecticut Heavy Artillery in the Union for the Civil War.

MARY ELIZABETH BRUNDAGE (BRUNDISH) later re-married JOHN HOIT/HOYT (from Nova Scotia).

Excerpt from “The Purdy Family History” Book:

The Brundish’s immigrated in 1633 and lived at Salem, Mass., then Watertown, Mass. and then Fairfield, Connecticut In one write-up it states that “John is to have been killed by Indians, in another it states that he took his own ‘lyfe’.” After John’s death, Rachael married Anthony Wilson of Fairfield, Connecticut

Mary was the granddaughter of James Hubbard and Naomi Cook of Mendelsham, Suffolk, England. (Hubbard History by Harlan Page Hubbard, N. Y. 1895).

After Francis Purdy died Mary married John Hoit and moved to Rye which was then in Connecticut John Hoit was the son of Simon Hoit, the ancestor of several Hoit families in Nova Scotia.

In “One Thousand Years of Hubbard History – 1866-1895”, by Harlan Page Hubbard, N. Y. 1895 (page 53) he states:

“James and Naomi (Cook) Hubbard, of Mendelsham, Suffolk, England, were the parents of ten children – Benjamin, James, Rachel, Samuel came to America….. Rachel married John Brundish, of Ipswich, Suffolk, England, and came to New England in 1633. They lived in Salem, Mass., Wethersfield, Connecticut and Fairfield, Connecticut and had children.

“Mary, born in Ipswich, England, in 1628, married Francis Purdy, of Fairfield, Conn.” If the date of 1628 is correct for Mary’s birth, she would have been only 14 years old in 1642. If married in 1639, when Francis Purdy first appeared at Fairfield, she would have been only 11 or 12.

On January 6, 1644/45, Francis Purdy and his wife, Mary Purdy, were witnesses to the will of their neighbor, William Frost (“Families of Old Fairfield”, O. L. Jacobus, Page 211, Vol. 1).

Generation No. 6

6. FRANCIS PURDY was born 1650 in FAIRFIELD, Connecticut and died 1723 in RYE, New York. He married MARY LANE in 1675. She was born 1654, RYE, New York and died 1753, RYE, New York.

Children of FRANCIS PURDY and MARY LANE are:

i) FRANCIS PURDY, b. 1672 in RYE, New York; d. April 12, 1731 in WESTCHESTER, New York; m. SARAH BROWN.

ii) JOHN PURDY, b. 1675 in RYE, New York; d. 1759 in FAIRFIELD, Connecticut.

iii) MARY PURDY, b. 1680 in RYE, New York; d. 1767 in FAIRFIELD, Connecticut; m. SAMUEL KNIFFEN.

iv) DANIEL PURDY, b. 1682 in RYE, New York; d.1731 in FAIRFIELD, Connecticut; m. PHEBE HORTON.

v) JOHN PURDY, b. 1686 in RYE, New York; d. 1765 in WESTCHESTER, New York.

vi) DAVID PURDY, b. 1688 in RYE, New York; d. December 9, 1765 in WESTCHESTER, New York.

vii) RACHEL, b. May 17, 1689 in RYE, New York; d. October 8, 1741 in RYE, New York.



Generation No. 7

7. FRANCIS PURDY was born 1672 in RYE, New York and died April 12, 1731 in WESTCHESTER, New York. He married SARAH BROWN in 1692. She was born 1676 in RYE, New York and died 1714 in NEWARK, New Jersey.

Children of FRANCIS PURDY and SARAH BROWN are:

i) FRANCIS PURDY, b. 1690 in RYE, New York.

ii) DANIEL PURDY, b. 1693 in RYE, New York; d. 1769 RYE, New York; m. ANNE BROWN 1710.

iii) JOSEPH PURDY, b. 1704 in RYE, New York; d. 1762 in RYE, New York; m.ELIZABETH FERRIS.

iv) PETER PURDY, b. 1705 in RYE, New York; d. December 31, 1782 in PAUPACK, Pennsylvania; m. PHEBE CARPENTER.

v) EBENEZER PURDY, b. 1707 in RYE, New York; d. December 31 1806 in NORWICH, New York; m. MARY JANE; buried in North Norwich Cemetery. (Appendix #4-5: Cemetery photos)

vi) NATHAN PURDY, b. 1709 in RYE, New York; d. November 29, 1729.

vii) SARAH PURDY, b. 1710

viii) JOHN PURDY, b. 1711 in RYE, New York; d. May 12, 1793 in NORTH SALEM, WESTCHESTER, New York; m. RACHEL.

ix) RUTH PURDY, b. 1713 in RYE, New York; d. July 21, 1762.

x) REBECCA PURDY, b.1717 in RYE, New York.

xi) STEPHEN PURDY, b. 1720 in RYE, New York.

Generation No. 8

8. PETER PURDY was born 1705 in RYE, New York and died December 31, 1782. He married PHEBE CARPENTER. She was born in RYE, New York and died December 31, 1782.


i) RACHEL PURDY, b. 1740 in New York; d. October 12, 1828 in PURDYTOWN, Pennsylvania. (Appendix #6-7: Purdytown cemetery photos)

ii) SILAS PURDY, b. 1743 in FAIRFIELD, New York; d. May 21, 1814 in PURDYTOWN, Pennsylvania; m. HANNAH COREEN.

iii) JANE PURDY, b. 1745 or 1749 in RYE, New York; d. 1810 in CHENANGO, New York; m. ISAAC CARPENTER.

iv) ISAAC PURDY, b. 1746.

v) WILLIAM PURDY, b. April 14, 1749 in FAIRFIELD, Connecticut; d. March 19, 1824 in PURDYTOWN, Pennsylvania; m. RACHEL. They had 6 sons (Reuben, Solomon, James, William (jr), Ebenezer, Abner) and 2 daughters and moved to PAUPACK in 1792. WILLIAM was a baptist elder and organized the first baptist church there.

vi) PETER PURDY, b. November 6, 1750 in PITTSTOWN, New York; d. May 2, 1816 in PITTSTOWN, New York.

vii) STEPHEN PURDY, b. March 3, 1751 in FAIRFIELD, Connecticut; d. March 27, 1812 in CHENANGO, New York.

viii) EPHRAM PURDY, b. 1755.

ix) PHEBE PURDY, b. April 14, 1756 in RYE, New York; d. September 25, 1840 in CHENANGO, New York; m. 1774 to JAMES.

Generation No. 9

9. SILAS PURDY, born 1743 and died May 21, 1814 in PURDYTOWN, Pennsylvania. He married HANNAH COREEN on January 21, 1764 in SALEM, New York. She was born March 10, 1744 in WESTCHESTER, New York and died January 17, 1831 in PURDYTOWN, Pennsylvania. They resided in PAUPACK, Wayne County, Pennsylvania where they were some of the first settlers of the township and farmed.

(Appendix #9: 1810 Census) (Appendix #10: History of Wayne County by Phineas G Goodrich book excerpt) (Appendix #11: Veterans Burial Card)

Children of SILAS PURDY and HANNAH COREEN are:

i) JACOB PURDY, b. 1765; worked as a blacksmith.

ii) HANNAH PURDY, b. April 7, 1766 in MARLBORO, New York; d. February 13, 1825 in KILLBUCK, Ohio; m. HENRY ALLEN HUSTED in 1788. (Appendix #12: Oak hill cemetery in Ohio)

iii) HARRIET PURDY, b. 1768 in MARLBORO, New York; d. 1835 in KILLBUCK, Ohio.

iv) EPHRAIM PURDY, b. 1768 or 1770 in MARLBORO, New York; d. 1814 in PALMYRA, Pennsylvania; he built the first grist-mill in PAUPACK.

v) RHODA PURDY, b. 1772 in MARLBORO, New York; d. 1866 in PALMYRA, Pennsylvania.

vi) SOLOMON PURDY, b. April 18, 1774 in DUTCHESS, New York; d. June 10, 1855 in PALMYRA, Pennsylvania; m. MYNIS NICHOLSON. (Appendix #13: tombstone in Lakevill Cemetery, Pennsylvania)

vii) MARY PURDY, b. 1775 in MARLBORO, New York; d. November 1778 in MARLBORO, New York.

viii) AMOS PURDY, b. 1778 in MARLBORO, New York; d. In Ohio; m. NANCY NORMAN. (Appendix #14: US General land office records)

ix) PETER PURDY, b. October 4, 1781 in ULSTER, New York; d. August 20, 1835 in PURDYTOWN, Pennsylvania; m. POLLY NICHOLSON; buried in Purdytown Cemetery; blacksmith and built the first saw-mill on a stream on his farm.

x) ISAAC PURDY, b. December 7, 1785 in WAYNE COUNTY, Pennsylvania; d. July 15, 1843 in KILLBUCK, Ohio; m. HANNAH MORGAN.

Purdytown Cemetery was moved in 1924. The cemetery was named after WILLIAM PURDY and his wife RACHEL. SILAS PURDY was also buried here.

“Elder William Purdy, the pastor of the Baptist Church of Palmyra and his wife Rachel, the people for whom the cemetery was named, were buried within four years of each other between 1824 and 1828. All told, there were considerably more than 20 burials in the cemetery.”

Information on this cemetery move and the bodies buried there is at:

Generation No. 10

10. AMOS PURDY was born 1778 in MARLBORO, New York and died in Ohio. He married NANCY NORMAN. She was born in 1780 in Pennsylvania and died 1828 or 1860 in MILL CREEK, Ohio.

Children of AMOS PURDY and NANCY NORMAN are:

i) BENJAMIN EALY PURDY, b. September 7, 1802 in WAYNE, Pennsylvania; d. July 25, 1861 in TIVERTON, Ohio; m. MARY CONNER in 1831; buried in Tiverton Cemetery. (Appendix #15: Postmaster Assignments)

ii) ELI L. PURDY, b. 1804 in WAYNE, Pennsylvania; d. January 18, 1847 in BEAVER DAMS, Pennsylvania; m. MARANTHA HAVILAND in 1824.

iii) LOUISA PURDY, b. 1805 in WAYNE, Pennsylvania.

iv) AMOS PURDY, b. 1806 in WAYNE, Pennsylvania.

v) PHEBE PURDY, b. 1807 in WAYNE, Pennsylvania; d. September 27, 1881 in MCDONOUGH, Illinois; m. CALEB HUSTED in 1823.

vi) LOUIE PURDY, b. 1809 in WAYNE, Pennsylvania.

vii) SAMUEL PURDY, b. August 8, 1810 in WAYNE, Pennsylvania; d. December 31, 1891 in DES MOINES, Iowa; m. AMANDA HAVALAND in 1830; occupation was a farmer; buried in Des Moines Township Xenia Cemetery. (Appendix #16: Tombstone)

viii) GEORGE PURDY, b. 1814 in COSHOCTON, Ohio.

ix) ESTHER PURDY, b. 1815 in COSHOCTON, Ohio.

x) ALBIN PURDY, b. July 12, 1818 in MILL CREEK, Ohio; d. July 14, 1913 in BLACK CREEK, Ohio; occupation was a farmer; buried in Fountain Chapel Cemetery in Ohio; m. MARY MARGARET MORGAN.

Generation No. 11

11. ALBIN PURDY was born July 12, 1818 in MILL CREEK, Ohio and died July 13, 1913 in BLACK CREEK, Ohio. He married MARY MARGARET MORGAN June 9, 1842. She was born in 1820 in Ohio and died 1878 in Ohio.


i) JOHN NORMAN PURDY, b. 1843 in COSHOCTON, Ohio; d. FT DONELSON, Tennessee.

ii) AMOS OREN PURDY, b. 1844 in COSHOCTON, Ohio; d. June 26, 1910 in MERCER, Ohio; m. HARRIET RITTER (died 1914). (Appendix #17: Tombstone of Amos and Harriet Purdy in East Bethel Cemetery)

iii) ISAAC (ISIAH) FREEMAN PURDY, b. 1848 in COSHOCTON, Ohio; d. February 9, 1913; m. ARMONA KINNEY.

iv) NANCY E PURDY, b. September 2, 1849 in COSHOCTON, Ohio; d. February 25, 1927 in WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP, Indiana; m. JOSEPH H ROSS. (Appendix #18: Tombstone of Nancy in Decatur Cemetery)

v) SARAH CLEMENTINE PURDY, b. August 6, 1853 in COSHOCTON, Ohio; d. April 8, 1949 in CELINA, Ohio; m. FRANCIS MARION SMALLEY; buried in Riverside Cemetery in Rockford, Ohio.

vi) MELLISSA JANE PURDY, b. December 24, 1855 in MERCER, Ohio; d. August 1, 1908 in MERCER, Ohio; m. GEORGE WASHINGTON SAPP on December 23, 1877; buried in East Bethel Cemetery in Rockford, Ohio.

vii) JOSEPH W PURDY, b. November 24, 1861 in MERCER, Ohio; d. 1947 in ROCKFORD, Ohio; m. CORA MARTZ.

viii) WILLIS LEE PURDY, b. May 19, 1858 in MERCER, Ohio; d. October 8, 1848 in ROCKFORD, Ohio.

(Appendix #19: 1870 Census of Purdy family generation 11)

Generation No. 12

12. WILLIS LEE PURDY was born on May 19, 1858 in MERCER, Ohio and died October 8, 1848 in ROCKFORD, Ohio. He married ELIZABETH / LIZZIE V DAVIS on November 24, 1881. He later married HELEN MARR DILBONE on May 15, 1913.


i) DELENCIA (DELLA) MARIE PURDY, b. November 8, 1882 in ROCKFORD, Ohio; d. January 5, 1968 in MONTGOMERY, Ohio; buried in Woodside Cemetery; m. HARLEY ALFRED WEIDLE in 1902 (he lived 1872-1949). (Appendix #20: Photo of Delencia) (Appendix #21: Photo of Delencia’s Funeral) (Appendix #22: Della’s Tombstone) (Appendix #23: Della and Harley’s Marriage Certificate)

ii) IVA ARTHUR PURDY, b. May 30, 1884 in MERCER, Ohio; d. October 1964 in LIMA, Ohio; m. LESSIE LEONA LEE on December 25, 1906.

iii) FLOYD LEE PURDY, b. October 27, 1886 in MERCER, Ohio; d. March 1972 in MERCER, Ohio; m. BARBARA ELLEN MILLER; buried in East Bethel Cemetery.

iv) VERNON PURDY, b. August 2, 1889 in MERCER, Ohio; d. April 1971 in SALINAS, California; m. MARIETTA (MAE/MAY) SAPP; m2. JOSEPHINE LUDWINA.

v) MAUD H PURDY, b. June 11, 1891 in MERCER, Ohio; m. WILLIAM H LEE in December 31, 1909.

vi) MARY GENE PURDY, b. July 28, 1901 in Ohio; d. January 25, 1980 in California; m. JOSEPH MANDL.

(Appendix #24: 1900 Census for Purdy family generation 12)

Generation No. 13

13. VERNON PURDY was born August 2, 1889 in MERCER, Ohio and died April 1971 in SALINAS, California. He had a brother named FLOYD. He married MARIETTA (MAE/MAY) SAPP on May 15, 1909. She was born October 24, 1890 in BLACKWELL, Ohio and died September 22, 1913 in JEFFERSON, Ohio from Tuberculosis. MARIETTA’s parents are OWEN ULYSSES SAPP and CELINA DELLA SHOWALTER. MARIETTA had 4 siblings: ELSIE, LEWIS, GEORGE JOSEPH, and HAZEL CHRISTINA. VERNON later married JOSEPHINE LUDWINA in 1915. She was born January 17, 1895 in OTTOVILLE, Ohio and died October 27, 1929 in Ohio. She was the daughter of FRANKLIN FREDERICK and LUDWINA LOUISA PERRIN.


i) DELLA LUCILLE PURDY, b. January 7, 1910 in Ohio; d.1938 from tuberculosis; m. WALTER TRUMAN BUTCHER on April 27, 1929 (Appendix #25: Marriage certificate) (Appendix #26: DELLA LUCILLE’S death certificate)

ii) LAWRENCE EUGENE PURDY, b. May 26, 1911 in Ohio; d. July 3, 1994 in MERCER, Ohio; m. ARVEDA MARGARET BOLLENBACHER in 1933.


i) MARINE FAY (FAYE) PURDY, b. 1917 in Ohio; m. WOOD.

ii) MADELINE (MADALIN) PURDY, b. 1921 in Ohio; m. REID.

iii) WARRON (BUD) ELTON PURDY, b. August 10, 1921 in CELINA, Ohio; d. July 31, 1994 in AUBURN, California; m. AILEEN ESTELLE ALLISON; had TIMOTHY VERNON PURDY on April 5, 1950 in SALINAS, California.

iv) PAULINE PURDY, b. 1923 or 1924.

v) NORMA JEAN PURDY, b. December 11, 1923 in DAYTON, Ohio.

(Appendix #27: 1940 Census showing a Pauline and Norma living with Vernon and Warron)

Generation No. 14

14. LAWRENCE EUGENE PURDY was born May 26, 1911 in Ohio and died July 3, 1994 in MERCER, Ohio. He married ARVEDA MARGARET BOLLENBACHER on August 26, 1933. She was born February 28, 1914 in MERCER, Ohio and died March 1, 2001 in MERCER, Ohio. They were both buried in Zion Lutheran Church Cemetery. His occupation was a farmer. They raised their children to speak German, and then they learned English at school. (Appendix #28: Tombstone of Lawrence and Arveda Purdy in East Bethel Cemetery)


ARVEDA was born to OTTO BOLLENBACHER and MARGRET EILEEN SCHOTT. OTTO was born 1888 and died 1970. MARGRET was born 1895 and died 1979. They were married March 27, 1913. ARVEDA had two siblings: LEROY MICHAEL and MARJORIE EILEEN (ILENE). LEROY was born 1920 and died 1974. LEROY married NORA F who was born 1922 and died 2005. MARJORIE EILEEN (ILENE) was born December 2, 1929 and died July 10, 2003. She married GEORGE R ECKROTE who was born November 25, 1929 and died August 22, 2015. (Appendix #29: Tombstone of Leroy and Nora Bollenbacher in East Bethel Cemetery) (Appendix #30: Tombstone of Otto and Margret Bollenbacher in East Bethel Cemetery) (Appendix #31: Tombstone of George and Marjorie Eckrote in East Bethel Cemetery) (Appendix #32: East Bethel Cemetery sign)




i) LINDA LOU PURDY, b. July 27, 1939; m. RONALD DEAN STETLER on February 14, 1959.

Generation No. 15

15. LINDA LOU PURDY was born July 27, 1939. She married RONALD DEAN STETLER on February 13, 1936. *See STETLER FAMILY TREE


i) RONDA LOU STETLER, b. February 5, 1961 in GIBBONS, CELINA, Ohio; m. JONATHAN DORWORTH on August 13, 1983. *See DORWORTH FAMILY TREE

Generation No. 16

16. RONDA LOU STETLER was born February 5, 1961 in GIBBONS, CELINA, Ohio. She married JONATHAN DORWORTH on August 13, 1983 at Zion Lutheran Church. He was born June 6, 1960 in MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin.


i) ASHLEY MARIE DORWORTH, b. February 20,1984 in VAN WERT, Ohio; m. JESSE SUTTLES on September 9, 2011 in CINCINNATI, Ohio.

ii) ZACHARY WILLIAM DORWORTH, b. December 17, 1986 in VAN WERT, Ohio; m. STEPHANIE NICOLE BATZ on January 18, 2015 in CAVE CREEK, Arizona. *See BATZ FAMILY TREE