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Hello, we are Zach (@zachdorworth) and Steph (@stephdorworth). We are Mr & Mrs traveling the world one romantic city at a time while perfecting obsessively organized travel.

Best Hiking in Arizona for Beginners

BEST HIKING IN ARIZONA for beginners Zach and I (Steph) have lived in Arizona for ten years now. We didn’t love hiking at first, but we later fell in love with it in 2018. Read more about this love story here. For the past 3-4 years we’ve taken this hiking thing to a new level, searching […]

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Dog-friendly Things to Do in Palm Springs

Is the Palm Springs area generally dog-friendly?! Absolutely! That is why we decided to embark on a quick 2-day road trip there in November 2021 with our sweet dog Forester. This blog is for you if you desire to visit the greater Palm Springs / Palm Desert area with your pup(s), you’re adventurous, and you are a […]

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Dog-friendly Road Trip thru Southern Utah

DOG-FRIENDLY ROAD TRIP THROUGH SOUTHERN UTAH We’re backkkkk! We haven’t blogged here in almost a year and for good reason. The coronavirus pandemic led to many changes in the world, including more difficulties with traveling. And…we had our hands full with a quickly growing puppy. However, once our lil’ Forester was more well-behaved, we decided to take […]

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Rock Art Canyon Ranch in Arizona

Rock Art Canyon Ranch in Arizona In July 2020 we decided to take a roadtrip to Northern Arizona. We had been on Trip Advisor researching what else to do in the Holbrook area since we visited there to go to the Petrified Forest National Park. The other top thing to do was go to Rock […]

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The Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona

The Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona Living in Arizona for eight years now, we’ve always heard of this magical place called the Painted Desert. We had seen pictures of colorful, sandy waves dancing across the skyline with colors you’d never expect from a desert. Since it’s 2020 and we’re limited in our travel options […]

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Welcome Forester | Amazon Puppy Prep

Welcome Forester | Amazon Puppy Prep On July 24th someone very special joined our lil’ family – Forester Dorworth. As a young couple who doesn’t plan to have children, we’ve always known that we wanted to be dog parents. However, we decided to be the responsible couple and pay off student loans and get a […]

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