Weekend in Flagstaff Arizona

Flagstaff, Arizona is one of our favorite weekend getaway spots from Scottsdale. Why? It’s only two hours away, it’s always cooler, and we love the vibe there. Flagstaff is an outdoorsy town and the people there are very laid back and welcoming. So it’s nice to unplug and get some R&R there, away from the … Read more

Temecula Wineries

We’ve been to Temecula twice now since it’s a convenient drive away from us here in Arizona. Road trippin’ over to sunny California is always so fun, especially if the trip is going to involve wine. And oh, it does in Temecula. We like to think of Temecula as a mini Napa Valley. Did you … Read more


How do you know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’re coming from? In an attempt to become closer with our ancestors, we began a journey that involved hundreds of hours of research but ended up being beyond rewarding. We began tracking our family lineage and with each and every discovery we felt … Read more

Drinking Around the World at Epcot

In December we traveled the world in one day…at Epcot. We went to Florida for the holidays to enjoy some chilly weather and build snowmen. Correction: to enjoy warm 70 degree weather and only have ice in our drinks (not on the streets). And drinks there were. We did Epcot the best way we knew … Read more

Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix

After living in Scottsdale for six years we had driven past the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) hundreds of times and every time we wondered why we had not visited yet. We heard nothing but good things about the museum so what was stopping us? Maybe the fact that it’s a museum about just instruments…doesn’t sound … Read more

Best Hilton Head Restaurants

What a wonderful place to spend the week with family under the sun. My brother-in-law coined the term “Cincinnati South” which is what we came to call Hilton Head for the week. Interestingly enough, many of the patrons visiting Hilton Head island (HHI) in South Carolina are from Ohio or various parts of the Midwest. … Read more