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Dog-friendly Road Trip thru Southern Utah

DOG-FRIENDLY ROAD TRIP THROUGH SOUTHERN UTAH We’re backkkkk! We haven’t blogged here in almost a year and for good reason. The coronavirus pandemic led to many changes in the world, including more difficulties with traveling. And…we had our hands full with a quickly growing puppy. However, once our lil’ Forester was more well-behaved, we decided to take […]

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Best Hilton Head Restaurants

Best Hilton Head RestaurantsWhat a wonderful place to spend the week with family under the sun. My brother-in-law coined the term “Cincinnati South” which is what we came to call Hilton Head for the week. Interestingly enough, many of the patrons visiting Hilton Head island (HHI) in South Carolina are from Ohio or various parts […]

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Day Trip to Jerome Arizona

day trip to Jerome, ArizonaTo celebrate our three year wedding anniversary we “hit the road Jack” and went to Jerome, Arizona. Most of you probably haven’t heard of Jerome because it’s a very small town with a measly 455 inhabitants now. It’s hard to believe it was at once one of the richest cities in […]

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Fixer Upper’s Magnolia Market

Fixer Upper’s Magnolia MarketIf you’re a fan of the television show “Fixer Upper” then you know what we’re talking about when we say we went to the Silos!  Deep in the heart of Texas in a small town called Waco is the home of Chip and Joanna Gaines and their four darling kids. Waco is […]

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The Best of Cinque Terre

The best of cinque terreCinque terre stands for “five lands” and we like to call them magical lands. It consists of five of the cutest, quaintest, little Italian towns on the coast that are known for their colorful, cliffside buildings. If you love Italian cities like Florence or Venice but want to get away from […]

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A Weekend in Sedona

Follow my blog with Bloglovin​A Weekend in SedonaHave you ever seen photos of beautiful red rock mountains that look larger than life? If so, they are most likely in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. Those magical mountains can never be captured to their full potential. You have to be standing amidst them to feel the magic creep […]

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