Drinking Around the World at Epcot

In December we traveled the world in one day…at Epcot. We went to Florida for the holidays to enjoy some chilly weather and build snowmen. Correction: to enjoy warm 70 degree weather and only have ice in our drinks (not on the streets). And drinks there were.

We did Epcot the best way we knew possible: by drinking our way through each country.

If you’ve never been to Epcot, then you should know there are 11 mini countries set-up around a large lake. Each little country is built to look exactly like the real one. In France you’ll see the Eiffel tower, in Germany you’ll find Biergartens, and in Japan you’ll find koi ponds. The architecture, landscape, things to do, restaurants, and shops look exactly like those in the real countries. It’s fascinating!

We got to visit Epcot with Steph’s parents who joined in on the fun. Epcot is one of Disney’s many parks in Orlando, Florida. It is pricey to get admission to the park however well worth it once you experience it. Disney is the best at keeping their grounds clean, maintaining peace and organization, and providing one-of-a-kind experiences.

When you first enter the park, you can go to the left or the right to start the circle around the lake to each country. Since most people choose right, we chose left to avoid the crowds.

Today we want to walk you through our experience there as we drank our way through Epcot. And yes, it was freakin’ amazing.

The first country we came to was Mexico. PS- one of our favorites! Go inside the main building there to be transported to the city streets of Mexico’s nightlife! There are stands with shopping goods, tequila bars for tastings (La Cava del Tequila), and a restaurant under the stars.

In a past trip, we did the tequila tastings and absolutely loved it (if we remember correctly). Moving onto the alcohol… Zach is a beer lover he ordered a Pacifico, obviously. Dad joined along and us ladies did some people watching. It’s amazing how many different languages you hear in a Disney Park! People come from all around the world to visit here. How ironic, right?

The next country was Norway which they have pretty much converted into the home of “Frozen.” Meaning there were lots of kids running around in princess dresses, causing us to drink more. We grabbed a casual Zinfandel wine and a Carlsberg beer at the bakery (Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe) and the guys had some yummy sandwiches too! Moving on quickly…away from the kids.

Hello China! Immediately we were drawn like magnets to the Joy of Tea post by the water for some yummy smelling egg rolls and frozen adult beverages (sounds less risque when worded that way). Alright alright, we got some really amazing and unique drinks here.

Probably our favorite from our entire trip around the world that day. Mama got “Tipsy ducks in love” and Steph got a “peach snap” and both were A-mazing. Zach got a Tsing Tao. Don’t miss this stand people! After that we strolled through the shops to see panda after panda after panda. Before flying to the next country.

Germany- home! Steph and her family are part German so it was exciting to get a sneak peak of what Germany looks like. According to her Ancestry, her family is from central Germany so that is definitely on our bucket list of places to go. It is here that we got a big meal.

We made reservations at the Biergarten Restaurant which is buffet style. It really felt like we were sitting in Germany underneath the stars and the moon! They had lots of yummy meat dishes to indulge in, including desserts. Most importantly they offered beer flights. Score! The guys were in heaven tasting beers straight from Germany while we were transported into Oktoberfest! Their favorite was the seasonal Pink Grapefruit Hefeweizen. The atmosphere within the restaurant was lively with live bands and performers entertaining us. It was a fun experience! Plus, don’t forget to get a big pretzel at the food stand outside!

Next up was Italy. We went to Italy on our honeymoon because we saved on our wedding and splurged on our honeymoon. So to see Epcot’s version was impressive. It truly looked just like Venice! We didn’t get any food here, but Birra Moretti was consumed, of course. They have a wine cellar here if you want to do some wine tastings too.

America was next and we were underwhelmed. Didn’t spend much time here because, hello, we get enough of America 24/7. And Zach has tried most American beers anyways. But we did listen to some amazing singers inside singing Christmas songs. It was magical! Onto the next one.

Japan may have been an accident. Why? One word- sake. We stopped at the Kabuki cafe for some Ginga Kogen beer and frozen drinks…and sake. Woah was it strong! It wasn’t easy to take down. But Zach took one for the team and finished it. What a guy.

We stumbled, I mean walked over to Morocco next where the Cafe served us some Moroccan beer. That was a first! Almaza actually ended up being one of Zach’s favorites. Don’t miss out on walking around the narrow walkways and shopping! Never been to Morocco but we can imagine it feels just like this. The building of the site was sponsored by the Moroccan Government, which is one major reasons it’s known for being so authentic and stunning.

Onward bound to France. First off, don’t miss the show out front of the men climbing stacked up chairs. It was incredible! While we watched that, mom was off to get ice cream and Zach was off to get…. you guessed it… Kronenbourg 1664. Be sure to admire the Eiffel Tower before you travel to the next country!

We were welcomed to the UK by some rock music and loved it! Then we stopped in at the Rose & Crown pub for some Guinness, but of course. Can’t wait to visit the Guinness factory someday and learn how to pour it.

Lastly, we stopped in at Canada. To be honest, we weren’t too impressed by Canada (or maybe we were exhausted from a full day of drinking) so we sped through it to get back to the front of the park and take our butts home. They had one drink stand with a few different options, including Moosehead Lager, eh?

It was a long day. However enjoying and partaking in the culture of each country was such a treat! Visiting Epcot teaches you a lot about other countries and opens your eyes to the diversity we have in this beautiful world.

If you ever get the chance to visit Epcot, be sure to start your day early because there is so much to see and do. We spent the whole day there and we didn’t even go on any rides! If you go on rides, you’ll be waiting in lines for hours so you may need two days here. Regardless, make Epcot a must-do whenever you’re in Orlando. If you want to go on rides, be sure to download the app to get notifications on fast passes! Here’s a map of the park!

Don’t forget to get your Minnie & Mickey ears for the day!

Traveling the whole world in one day can be tough to do…so do it with a beer in hand. We thoroughly enjoyed drinking around the world at Epcot and we hope you do too.

Cheers! Gab bei! Sante! Prost! Salute! Kan pei! Skal!

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