Meet Sparky our drone

meet Sparky | our Drone (DJI Spark)

Meet Sparky the Drone

We recently invested in a DJI Spark drone. No, we don’t have kids. No, we don’t have pets. But we have Sparky now! He is our baby and travel companion. We love lil’ Sparky.

Drones are incredible at snapping footage from a bird’s eye view, capturing action, and filming us from a distance (instead of selfie distance). So the DJI Spark will allow us to cherish more travel memories than just a camera will. Plus, let’s be honest, it’s fun to have!

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we took the drone out in Jerome, Arizona

Drone Shopping

Zach did a lot of research to determine what the best drone for us would be. From the DJI line there’s also the DJI Phantom and the DJI Mavic but the DJI Spark is the most compact (mini) and best for beginners. They also have more industrial ones and different versions of each drone. As new travel bloggers we thought the DJI Spark was the best fit.  If in the future we want to upgrade to the Pro versions we can. However, so far we are happy with our decision. No buyer’s remorse here.

Sparky is freaking awesome! He does what we tell him to do and goes where we tell him to go. Who else’s kid does that? Haha but in all seriousness, this drone is incredible.

drone travel blogger

practicing with the drone in the family’s neighborhood

DJI Spark’s Features

Besides just sending it up in the air, it has many other unique features. One option is to tell it what to follow which is called “active tracking”. So we can click on Zach and wherever he walks or runs, it will follow. How cool is that?

The DJI Spark also has simple control using hand gestures. So you can make a box with your hands and that cues the drone to take a photo! Wowza! 

Another thing it can do is shoot straight up in the air like a rocket ship so you go from a really close view to an extremely expansive view.

The DJI Spark’s best feature: it’s mini. The blades easily come off and fold up into the carrying case. So it fits in our carry-on backpack easily.

Another feature we like of the DJI Spark is its compatibility with our phones. In fact, our cell phone fits right into the remote of the drone. Then all the footage is captured and transferred onto the phone. That makes it easy for us to watch back what we filmed, edit, and post to social media quickly!

Learn more about the DJI Spark’s features here.

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views of Jerome, Arizona from up high

Get a DJI Spark

If you are someone who loves new gadgets and would love to capture footage from your life or travels, we highly recommend this drone. We got ours from Amazon and you can get yours here too (with or without accessories).

drone travel blogger

practicing with the drone in Florida @ mama’s butterfly garden

Enough talking…we want to show you our first TWO drone videos ever from Destination Dorworth.

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One Minute in Dove Valley, Arizona

One Minute in Jerome, Arizona

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