A Weekend in Sedona

Have you ever seen photos of beautiful red rock mountains that look larger than life? If so, they are most likely in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. Those magical mountains can never be captured to their full potential. You have to be standing amidst them to feel the magic creep up over your shoulders. Set the date … Read more

Dog-friendly Things to Do in Palm Springs

Is the Palm Springs area generally dog-friendly?! Absolutely! That is why we decided to embark on a quick 2-day road trip there in November 2021 with our sweet dog Forester. This blog is for you if you desire to visit the greater Palm Springs / Palm Desert area with your pup(s), you’re adventurous, and you … Read more

Rock Art Canyon Ranch in Arizona

In July 2020 we decided to take a roadtrip to Northern Arizona. We had been on Trip Advisor researching what else to do in the Holbrook area since we visited there to go to the Petrified Forest National Park. The other top thing to do was go to Rock Art Canyon Ranch. It seemed a … Read more

Ten Best Glamping Spots in the USA

Are you more of a glamper than a camper? I (Steph) am physically unable to camp. My body rejects camping because I’m a princess, according to Zach. Could I do it? Maybe but I don’t want to. If I have the choice I’d prefer glamping because it’s camping for those of us that appreciate staying … Read more

Itinerary for Southern Ireland

Introducing our itinerary for… SOUTHERN IRELAND [ROAD-TRIP EDITION] one of This is a very longggg blog post. So if you’d prefer the more organized and concise itinerary in a PDF, sign up thru the pop-up to receive it for free. The charts show up better on computers and PDF (not mobile). COUNTRY FACTS Country: Ireland … Read more

Travel Adapters and Converters by Country

TODAY WE ARE GOING TO TEACH YOU WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT WORLD POWER PLUGS, TRAVEL ADAPTERS, AND CONVERTERS. When you travel domestically, life is easy peasy. That phone charger you’ve got? Fits perfectly into the outlet at your hotel. That hair curler? The blow dryer? Fits like a puzzle in the bathroom outlet. … Read more