The World’s 25 Most Romantic Restaurants

Picture yourself in the romantic city of Venice sitting outside at a table along the canal, across from the love of your life, enjoying a romantic dinner before you head back to the hotel and make love. The love between you two is undeniable, almost magnetic. Nothing can ruin your dinner out…can it? Oh yes, … Read more

A Weekend in Sedona

Have you ever seen photos of beautiful red rock mountains that look larger than life? If so, they are most likely in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. Those magical mountains can never be captured to their full potential. You have to be standing amidst them to feel the magic creep up over your shoulders. Set the date … Read more

Itinerary for Valencia Spain

Introducing our itinerary for… Valencia, spain one of This is a very longggg blog post. So if you’d prefer the more organized and concise itinerary in a PDF, sign up thru the pop-up to receive it for free. The charts show up better on computers and PDF (not mobile). E COUNTRY FACTS Country: Spain Capital: … Read more

Where our Love Story Began: Willshire Ohio

In November we visited the place where it all began: Willshire, Ohio. We say that because the reason we fell in love goes way, way back to this small town in Ohio. After seven years together, this was our first time visiting Willshire together so it was a meaningful visit. We want to take you … Read more

Would You Go to Food Theme Park Eataly World?

On November 15, 2017, a theme park called “FICO Eataly World” will open its doors in Bologna, Italy.  The theme of Eataly World? Food. How amazing. Our mouths are already watering. About 100 million Euros are being invested into building this massive park in central Italy and the entire goal is to let you experience … Read more

Dallas Arboretum

If you’ve ever been to New York City’s Central Park, then you know a big park when you see one. It’s expansive, has tons of people strolling around, and has a relaxing vibe. Well Dallas, Texas has one similar! Just northeast of the city is a large park called the Dallas Arboretum and it is … Read more