Our family got us these & they're still functioning perfectly after 5 years. Great for carry-on bags with four wheels!

These help us organize shoes, undergarments, and dirty laundry in our suitcases.

The backpacks we have for hiking trips! Steph used this one for her week-long Grand Canyon rafting trip and hiked many many miles with it comfortably on her back.

Zach got us this camera bag and it has perfect little compartments to separate our camera, accessories, microphone, mini tripods, etc.

We love to travel with a small speaker system so we can play music louder wherever we're staying.

A great organizer for your toiletry essentials that's easy to just hang up and use as soon as you unpack.

When we stay in cities, we prefer Airbnb's over hotels. They're cheaper and get us right in the middle of the city so we can walk everywhere instead of having to get a rental car or Uber.

Feel a little safer and sleep more sound wherever you stay with this inside door lock. 


Great for long flights and comes with ear plus and mask.

Sleep well and focus even while in the air or on the road.

Staying organized with this passport, ticket, and phone holder may prevent you from losing things all the time. Plus, you can tuck it under your shirt for safe keeping.

Because...why not?!

These bottles are what we use when hiking. They seriously keep our water cold even 24 hours later!

These are my favorites for keeping my lips hydrated since regular chapstick tends to break off when it gets hot.

The cutest mini travel wallet.

A great gift for the guy in your life so he can pack up his toiletries.


This is the camera we got for travel because it's more compact but still takes great photos and videos.

This is like a GoPro but much more affordable. We use it to capture action like rafting, biking, and even underwater swimming. You can get a waterproof case for it which we use all the time!

Tripods are great for when you want a zoomed out photo with everyone in it. Just set a timer and shoot! You'll capture much more in the image this way versus using a selfie stick.

This is the device Zach whips onto his iPhone to zoom in or out for better images of landscape and scenery.

The selfie stick is perfect for travels for two and can even hold your heavier camera.

A 32GB or bigger is a must when capturing your travels.

Steph loves this Kindle because it means not having to pack several books each trip - save space and weight.

Instead of lugging around your laptop, consider an iPad as it's lighter and you can still do everything on it - like watch Netflix not the plane.


Steph loves rocking the blue Ray Bans.

Have a dog you travel with? We don't...but someday and this looks like the perfect way to pack along everything they need.

The perfect dual function robe for after showers or after the pool or beach!

Steph loves Tory Burch and Tory loves her.

Zach prefers the green...Go Pack Go!

Never travel without a hat. This one will match just about anything.

Cute towel anyone?

Zach's flip-flops. Rainbows never wear out - they really last a lifetime.


This tent has two options! Use it attached to the back of your SUV or use it on it's own. Sleeps 5 and has 7ft of headroom making it extra spacious and comfortable.

We can't live without water, so make sure that in case of an emergency, you always have the option to drink any water you come across, even if it looks undrinkable.

Smores anyone?

An all-inclusive survival gear kit that's always a good thing to keep in your car.

When camping, small and compact is ideal, especially if you're hiking in / backpacking. This compact towel kit is so small it can fit in your pocket!

For the brave campers who want to just sleep under the stars, here's an amazingly high-rated hammock for under $30!

A camping chair with a drink holder and a storage pocket? Yes please.

Big air mattresses are so heavy and such a hassle. Why not get a single sleeping pad? Compact and light, while still providing you with comfort all night.

A 3 season sleeping bag to keep you comfortable, no matter the temperature.

An LED camping lantern to light up your campsite at night so you can see if a bear is sneaking up!

Do air mattresses and hammocks hurt your back? A firm cot will likely be much more comfortable for you and prevent those next-day aches and pains. Firm = more support.

A table to prepare your meals and keep food up away from your dogs is important while camping. This one is easy to keep clean and folds up for easy transport!


Circle towels are so cute and fit two.

Keep track of everywhere you've been.

Love this quote and a good morning cup of coffee.

Need travel ideas? There's only 1,000 in this book but it should be plenty. 😉


Needed especially for dry locations.

The smaller the better when you need to pack light.

This one is multi-functional!

Don't forget to look up if you'll need adapters and/or converters wherever you're going.

Here at Destination Dorworth, we know we've only made it this far because of where we're from. Checkout our Ancestry blog to learn more about our journey to learning about our families. It was a beautiful process and we highly recommend it to everyone.