Travel Adapters and Converters by Country

world power plugs

Today we are going to teach YOU what you need to know about world power plugs, travel adapters, and converters.

world power plugs

When you travel domestically, life is easy peasy. That phone charger you’ve got? Fits perfectly into the outlet at your hotel. That hair curler? The blow dryer? Fits like a puzzle in the bathroom outlet.

However when you travel internationally, things can get messy. Outlets take on a life of their own abroad. From circles to squares and two prong to three prong, finding a way to charge your electronic necessities can be a struggle.

Trying to plug your electronics into international outlets is truly like trying to plug a square peg into a round hole. Your plugs won’t fit into their outlets. You’re lucky if they even have outlets conveniently placed in the bathroom for you to use.

What do you do? You scramble around at local stores to try and find the right converter and adapter for the country you’re in. If you’re lucky you find one promptly. If you’re not so lucky, you are unable to find one and are left with untamed hair and a dead cell phone.

The solution: Buy the correct power adapter and converter before you travel.

Today we are going to make things easy for your travel prep in typical #organizedtravel fashion. Part One you will learn what adapter you’ll need by country. Part Two you will learn what converter you’ll need if you live in North America.


Travel power Adapters can be of the following types: A- O.  

travel adapters and converters by country

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In general, the best match by country is:

  • Japan, Taiwan, Central America, Caribbean, South America | A or B
  • Europe, Middle East, Israel, some Asian countries, some African countries | C, E, or F
  • United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, some African countries | G
  • China, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji | I

For more specifics by country, check out REI’s Electricity Guide.

Be sure you buy one that is nationally recognized and tested with one of these labels.

world power plugs

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Here are some quick links to some good combo pack power ada​pters:

Includes Types A, B, E/F, G, I -->

Includes adapters for countries: HK/UK/Ireland(UK), Germany/France/Spain(EU), Australia/New Zealand (AU), Italy(IT) -->


The second device you may need to power up is a converter.

The world runs on two types of electricity: 110/125V (North America) or 220/240V (the rest of the world). Those of us traveling from North America to another country therefore need a converter to change the voltage of electricity to match the voltage of our device.

Check out your electronic devices (ie phone charger, straightener, hair curler, razor, etc) and if it’s 110/125V, then you’ll need to pick up a converter before traveling outside the country.

Here are some quick links to good converter plus adapter combos:

Be sure to get your adapters and converters before traveling! You don't want to risk getting to your destination and being stuck with an adapter or converter that is not certified and tested. World power plugs are different in every country so be sure be prepared ahead of time.

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  • Geff says:

    Very useful information!!!

  • Julie says:

    Great to have all the information about adapters and converters for each country in one place. It’s always something I forget to look up until the last minute.

  • What a great post! So helpful. Will totally bookmark this information, as this is always a thing I still have to search for every time I go on a trip. There should only be a power plug in all the world. It would be so much easier! 😉

  • amit says:

    This is such a different but very informative and useful post – for quite sometime when I traveled would struggle to find the right adaptor for where I was going – It’s amazes me how many different adaptor and converters are used in different countries (Can’t there be a rule where the whole world uses the same type of pins haha) – I now use one adaptor but I have pins that I can adjust for wherever in the world I am 😀 On my blog I have a page for useful websites to use when traveling – I would love to add this post to it with your permission

    • admin says:

      Amit, yes not like our other posts but important. Thanks for checking it out! Yes, would love it if you added this post to your page. Thanks!

  • Nisha says:

    This is a very useful article. So much money and time has been wasted by taking the wrong adapter or not taking the universal adapter. In India most of the new establishments and newly renovated properties already have the universal socket. But then you never know when you require one.

  • Meg Jerrard says:

    Excellent guide – thankyou! I’ve run into many issues before traveling with the wrong adaptor, or having forgotten one all together. It gets tricky when you get into African countries, and Asian countries trying to figure out which power plug they subscribe to! And even then, you also have to be on top of the voltages so that you don’t blow up any of your devices! So this is an incredibly helpful guide – thankyou!

  • sherianne says:

    Funny the things that become a hassle as you are getting ready to travel. I finally bought a power strip with a converter built in. It hums but I’m always so tired at night it doesn’t bother me at all!

  • Can I just say that this is one of the most informative posts I have come across today? Some may think that this is a very small thing but we should know that it is one of the most important things to know when traveling! Especially now that we can not go out without our gadgets. I know there are a lot of universal adapters but I don’t think I have seen one with all these kinds. So we should know the right one for our destination to get the right adapters or converters!

  • Jennifer says:

    I just want the world to switch to 1 outlet type and only 1. Personally, I would love for it to be C,E, and F style since it is the most widespread in terms of number of countries. All the rest should just switch and make life easier for all travelers (plus the US should switch to 240 power.

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