Welcome Forester | Amazon Puppy Prep

Welcome Forester | Amazon Puppy Prep

On July 24th someone very special joined our lil’ family – Forester Dorworth. As a young couple who doesn’t plan to have children, we’ve always known that we wanted to be dog parents. However, we decided to be the responsible couple and pay off student loans and get a house with a yard before taking the leap.

This past summer, we took time to research dog breeds and we fell in love with the Drentsche Patrijshond – called “drent” since it’s so darn difficult to pronounce. We wanted a very loyal, cuddly, active, and beautiful dog that was also incredibly intelligent and easy to train. Drents are farm dogs from the Netherlands that are amazing hunting and tracking dogs.

We found the best breeders (Brian & Jenna at Two Gun Kennels) in the U.S. who had two litters coming up and began the application process in June. We kept it a secret as we weren’t guaranteed a puppy until both litters were born and they knew exactly how many puppies they had. By the end of July, we received the marvelous news: we were going to get a lil’ boy pup from them!

We say this all the time, but the older we get, the more we fall in love with and appreciate being outdoors. As nature and bourbon lovers, who wanted a unique name for their dog, we chose Forester named after the Old Forester line of bourbon.

For the first eight weeks of his life, we got to watch all the puppies 24/7 on puppy cam, see photos in the breeder’s photo album, and get email updates on all the puppies. At five weeks old, most of the puppies were only about five pounds! By 7 weeks old, our puppy was the biggest at 15lbs. Most male drents get to be 65-75lbs so we’re excited to see him grow mentally and physically. 

I, Steph, am a type-A person who takes responsibilities seriously. The fact that I was going to be a dog mom in just eight short weeks sent me into a whirlwind of puppy prep. Forester will be our lil’ son, so we wanted to give him the best life possible. We began reading puppy training and hunting books, watching YouTube videos on puppy training, getting our house puppy-proof, and purchasing supplies. To truly feel prepared, a lot needed to be done.

Before we share the puppy prep process, let’s at least finish our story, right? On September 23rd when he was two months old, we flew to Spokane, Washington to pick him up the following morning. It was one of the best days of our lives! Forester kept coming up to us...I think he could tell he was going home with us. He is so, so loved. We can’t wait to include him on our Destination Dorworth travels.

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Pick-up day 9/24/20

9 weeks old

For other first-time puppy owners out there, we figured we’d share our puppy prep Amazon cart (along with some tips) so you all could learn from it. What to prepare? What to read? What to buy?

We totally know that we are beginners and have a lot to learn ourselves. Feel free to comment any suggestions for first-time puppy owners!   

PS: Huge thank you to our breeders who recommended these books to us and helped us prepare for puppy. You guys are the best! 

Puppy Prep Tips

Below are some general tips and things to prepare prior to picking up puppy:

  • Puppies can permanently damage their joints if they are slipping and sliding around on your floors, so if you have tile floor like us, put lots of rugs down.
  • Find a good vet nearby and book their first appointment a few weeks out for their first assessment and round of vaccines.
  • Cover up outlets, put cleaners up high and out of reach, cover cords, and basically baby proof the house as puppies will get into anything and everything.
  • Get a baby gate so the puppy only gets introduced to a small part of the house at first (in a small space). Slowly, over time, expand their play space.
  • Make a list of daily to do’s so you don’t forget to take care of everything among everyone in the family. For example, potty breaks, meals, walks, training, grooming, and play time.
  • Amazon Puppy Prep

    Here are the exact items we invested in for Forester after doing lots of research on the best items for the best price:

    Must Have items:

    Nice to Have Items:

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