What to do in Bearizona

In July 2020 we needed to find some social distancing friendly things to do…so we went on a road trip! We stopped at the Petrified Forest, Rock Art Canyon Ranch, Winslow, Flagstaff, and finally Williams. In Williams, Arizona there are lots of hikes and things to do outdoors.

But the most car-friendly activity? Bearizona.

Bearizona is a drive-thru wildlife park that goes through three miles of natural forest. There are a lot of things to see and do in the Bearizona park. You get to see North American animals like goats, reindeer, deer, burro, wolves, black bears, white bison, American bison, and bighorn sheep.

The animals can roam free which means they may even walk up to your car! Although it was summertime and hot, so we found most of them laying in the shade and napping. The black bears were our favorite to see because they were so funny! Half of them were napping against trees.

The other half were having a blast eating the frozen snacks they were given. It reminded us of Pooh Bear cartoons with him eating the honey. They were the cutest!

Book an Airbnb rental or a hotel in Williams or nearby Flagstaff, Arizona so you can explore more! We absolutely adore Flagstaff and go there annually.

At the end of the drive is the walk-thru park so you can get out of your car and walk through to see smaller animals and birds. Our favorite stop was the jaguar stop: we saw two of them up close in their exhibit. We also loved seeing the foxes, rescue bears, and cats. There’s a restaurant and restrooms for use, too.

To REALLY get a feel for what the park is like, watch our 2min recap video below!

Ultimately, Bearizona is a great thing to do on a hot day so you can stay in your car with A/C. A really unique experience that I’m sure you can’t find anywhere else. Expect to spend 2-3 hours here. We highly recommend this experience!